Bernedoodle price: how much do Bernedoodles cost?

Bernedoodle price: how much do Bernedoodles cost?

Bernedoodle price and what it depends on

How much does a Bernedoodle cost? Quick answer: depending on location, Bernedoodle price may vary from $2000 to $5000.

Depending on location and other factors:
What does Bernedoodle cost depend on?
Bernedoodle price: USA
Bernedoodle cost in Australia
What else is included in the cost of your Bernedoodle?

Cost is always a consideration when it comes to adopting a puppy from a breeder. Pure bred dogs can be quite pricey, but when it comes to designer breeds, it’s even more so. Bernedoodles is one of the newer designer breeds that is already a rising star. Really, it couldn’t be any other way. Bernedoodle is a one of a kind Bernese Mountain Dog Poodle Mix that, apart from it’s wonderful temperament, is also said to be hypoallergenic, which is a great thing for allergy-sufferers out there.

You can even pick your Bernedoodle size! All of these factors contribute to, frankly, sky rocketing price of Bernedoodles out there. Depending on your location, you can expect to pay a hefty price starting around $2000 and climbing up to $5000 for a pup.

Price always reflects the efforts and quality of breeding work invested into the puppy

Price always reflects the efforts and quality of breeding work invested into the puppy

What does Bernedoodle cost depend on?

Bernedoodle price actually depends on several factors, including your Bernedoodle size and even their color.  Unlike many things in life, the larger the Bernedoodle, the less expensive it may be. The opposite is true to: your price can go up the smaller the pup you want. Those micro Bernedoodles really are popular!

Standard Bernedoodles come from cross breeding Bernese Mountain Dog with Standard Poodle. These are largest Bernedoodles. Standard Bernedoodles can cost somewhere around $2500-$3500 (I am talking US here).

Mini Bernedoodles are a result of crossing Bernese Mountain Dog with Miniature Poodles. This is a more compact dog than a Standard Bernedoodle. A Mini Bernedoodle can go from $3500 and higher.

The most compact out of the three types of Bernedoodles is Micro Bernedoodle, which is born when a Bernese Mountain Dog is cross bred with Toy Poodle. A Micro Bernedoodle can land you at around $5000.

A typical range for Bernedoodle prices in the United States is $2000 - $5000 depending on the breeder

A typical range for Bernedoodle prices in the United States is $2000 – $5000 depending on the breeder

Colors can also play a part. Tricolored Bernedoodles may be slightly more expensive than bicolored (only with some breeders though). You will see breeders that tend to charge more for certain colors and less for others. I have to say here that, despite some colors being more popular than others, (tri-color vs bicolor etc), color really doesn’t play any part in the puppy’s personality.

And personality, really, should be your main concern when getting a puppy. So don’t think that a pup is somehow less valuable or “of worse quality” just because they cost a little less due to their color.

Location may also come into play when it comes to Bernedoodle prices.

Bernedoodle prices in the USA

As mentioned above, a typical (albeit wide) range for Bernedoodle prices in the United States is $2000 – $5000 depending on the breeder, the type of the Bernedoodle (their size), colors and genealogy.

Bernedoodle prices in the United Kingdom

In the UK, an average range for Bernedoodle prices seems to be around £3000 -£5000 depending on location and quality of the puppies, as well as all the factors mentioned earlier in the article.

Bernedoodle price depends on several factors, including the Bernedoodle size and even their color

Bernedoodle price depends on several factors, including the Bernedoodle size and even their color
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How much do Bernedoodles cost in Australia?

I don’t live down under, but from a bit of research I have done, Bernedoodles in Australia are the most expensive Bernedoodles I have ever seen with prices climbing all the way up to $6500 – $7000. You may be able to find a breeder that charges less for their puppies, but you have been warned.

How much do Bernedoodles cost: Canada

If you live in Canada, you are in luck. Canada just seems to be the best place to adopt a Bernedoodle in terms of prices. Here up North, Bernedoodle prices start at around CAD $1800 and go up to as high as CAD $4000. As anywhere else, Standard Bernedoodles are the least expensive, and Micro Bernedoodles are the most expensive. Tri-colored Bernedoodles are more expensive than bi-colored.

Regardless of the location, you may expect to pay a deposit (around $500) to secure your future puppy. If you have decided (despite the prices!) that you would like to adopt a Bernedoodle puppy, you may want to secure your puppy earlier. Despite the prices, these dogs are becoming more and more popular (because, let’s admit it, they are worth it!) You might want to get onto a waiting list as early as possible if you want to get your puppy sooner rather than later. A good breeder will almost always have a full wait list.

Since we are talking about Bernedoodle price, it’s important to reiterate that a price almost always reflects the efforts and quality of breeding work invested into the puppy. This includes genetic and health screening of the parents and all the expenses related to it. It also includes the work that the breeder has to do to successfully raise happy, healthy puppies. It may be your desire to go with the least expensive breeder out there to save some money.

However, this may not always be the wisest thing to do. I wouldn’t recommend choosing the least expensive puppy out there, at least not without thoroughly checking the breeder to make sure they do everything right. You want to make sure you are getting a healthy dog. A health guarantee is worth extra hundreds of dollars that you may otherwise have to spend on vet bills if your puppy ends up having a health condition.

Don't forget to budget for crate, toys and food for yuor Bernedoodle puppy

Don’t forget to budget for crate, toys and food for your Bernedoodle puppy
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What else is included in the cost of your Bernedoodle?

When you purchase a puppy, a breeder will normally provide some sort of a health guarantee for a specific period of time (often 2 years), stating that the dog should be healthy and free of any conditions. Before you get your pup, your breeder would have already checked them up at the vet’s and have done all the primary vaccinations. You most likely will also get the puppy’s documentation: their genealogical papers as well as health-related papers from the vet.

You will also get a contract from the breeder, and will be required to fill it. Never buy a puppy without a contract. If a breeder tries to sell you a puppy without a contract, turn around and never talk to them again.

A breeder may also include a toy and some puppy food in your puppy package. That normally would already be included in the price.

Other expenses you will have outside of your Bernedoodle price

Don’t forget that your expenses don’t end once you purchased your puppy. In fact, they only begin! (Although they may not be as hefty as that $6500 you paid if you are a new Bernedoodle owner in Australia!) What else can you expect to pay for and what should you budget for?

A crate for your new Bernedoodle

A crate is critical to have as a new puppy owner. This isn’t so that you can lock your pup up! A crate is a useful tool when housebreaking your puppy, especially for th first few weeks. A crate is used, particularly at night time, to limit the puppy’s space, so that they get used to waiting before they can poop or pee outside. Dogs highly dislike soiling anywhere near their sleeping place. If you don’t crate your puppy initially, they will just pee or poop anywhere in the house, and it will be harder for you to help them understand that toilet is supposed to be outside.

A crate is a great tool to confine your dog to a small space during the night so you can take them out a few times a night and let them “do their business” outside.  A new crate can cost you anywhere from $50 to $200 and more depending on the size and design. Speaking about size, a crate should be big enough for your pup to be able to fully stand up and turn around in.  Tip: but a crate that’s big enough for an adult Bernedoodle, so you can crate your dog when they are older too. You never know when you might need to confine your dog even after they are potty trained.

Another tip: you might be able to find a used crate on Craigslist or other sites and save some money as opposed to buying a new one.

Puppy toys

A new puppy is like a new baby – they need toys. Chew toys, food kongs – there’s a whole variety out there just waiting for you to start indulging (and spending your dollars.) You can find anything from $5 to $50 at a local pet shop. Toys are important for dogs of all ages, but especially young Bernedoodles to keep them occupied and happy.

Collar and leash

Collar and leash are accessories you won’t be able to live without from the time your puppy arrives to their last days. Prices for those vary depending on the quality of material and style. You can probably have a leash+ collar combo for as low as $15 and as high as $150 depending on the quality. It’s up to you how much you want to spend on these, as it’s you who will have to use them every single day! But don’t hurry to spend too much on accessories. You still have some other expenses to think about, such as food and potential vet bills.


Bernedoodle price depends on several factors, including the Bernedoodle size and even their color

Bernedoodle puppy

You will normally get a small bag of food from your breeder. This is the food that your puppy has grown up on and that they are used to. It’s recommended that you use that food for the first few weeks with your puppy. After that, you can continue feeding the same, or you can try and branch out into something different. You can read more about how to feed your Bernese or your Bernedoodle correctly in this article.

Regardless of how you choose to feed your pup, food expenses are something you will have to regularly pay for for a (hopefully!) long time. It’s good to remember that it wouldn’t be a good idea to try and save on food: good nutrition is an important factor in your dog’s health. Which brings us to:

Vet bills

This can vary from small vaccination/check-ups bills to larger bills depending on how healthy your Bernedoodle turns out to be. Hopefully yo have done your homework when choosing your breeder and your puppy is as healthy and sound as can be and never needs any serious procedures or treatments. Still, make sure you always have a little bit of money put away in case your pet ever needs something urgent. 

As you see, a Bernedoodle puppy can cost quite a bit to begin with (we are looking at you, Australia), and you will always have ongoing expenses related to raising your pup. Of course, in the end it’s all worth it and you will probably be looking at getting your second Bernedoodle soon after the first one. 





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