Bernedoodles in Colorado

Bernedoodles in Colorado

Bernedoodles in Colorado

If you are looking for Bernedoodle puppies in Colorado – you’ve come to the right place. There are a few breeders in Colorado that breed Bernedoodles. I wanted to list some of them here so you can have a shortcut access to some brief information about each one.

Breeders of Bernedoodles in Colorado: Ranch House Bernedoodles

Ranch House Bernedoodles is a Bernedoodle breeder based at a small farm in Montrose, CO. Thoroughly selecting their breeding dogs for health and temperament,  Ranch House Bernedoodles treat their puppies as family and not just pets. They invest a lot of effort into socialization and providing their puppies with a healthy, home-oriented environment until it’s time for them to live with their new owners. You can pick up your puppy at the ranch, although they can also meet you at the airport for a fee.

Click here to read more about this breeder.

Breeders of Bernedoodles in Colorado

Bernedoodles of the Rockies

Bernedoodles of the Rockies is another breeder of Bernedoodles in Colorado. They are based in Johnstown. They put a lot of emphasis on their puppies’ health as one of their areas of concentration. With their lines, often imported to provide a wider gene pool, they are hoping to avoid certain common Bernedoodle issues such as bone diseases or cancer. Bernedoodles of the Rockies are licensed with Pet Animal Care Facilities Act in Colorado and are regularly inspected by American Kennel Club.

During the check-ups, the kennel facilities and the dogs are inspected to make sure they are kept in good condition so you can be confident the dogs are treated really well and there is no animal cruelty involved. Bernedoodles of the Rockies offer Standard Bernedoodles, Moyen Bernedoodles and Miniature Bernedoodles, as well as Poodles. All in all, they look like a trustworthy breeder to look into if you are searching for a Bernedoodle in Colorado.

Bernedoodles in Colorado

Bernedoodles in Colorado

Bernedoodles in Colorado: Linder Labradoodles

Linder Labradoodles are located in Arvada and Golden, Colorado. This is a Bernedoodle breeder with an interesting history. They have been breeding for about 30 years – since 1989. As they tell on their website, they got into breeding because they realized how much need there was in service dogs, and how long the families had to wait for their service dog. As a breeder, Linder Labradoodles provided many dogs for the service dog industry for many years. Currently, they are a very small family kennel, producing only a couple of litters each year.

Linder Labradoodles don’t let their puppies go before they are 8 weeks of age, have had several vet checks and have been microchipped. They have a health guarantee which allows you as a new owner 48 hours to have your new puppy checked by a vet, and, if any issue is found, the kennel will reimburse you the price of treating it. They also state that they guarantee their puppies to be free of any genetic health defects.

They have some tips on their website about raising and training their puppies that you can check out.

This seems like a nice breeder if you are anywhere around Arvada and Golden.

Front Range Bernedoodles

Front Range Bernedoodles are a small family breeder located in Fort Collins in Northern Colorado. This is a husband-wife (and a baby) team that has experience in breeding through their extended family and are currently breeding calm, patient and gregarious Bernedoodle puppies. The purchase of the puppy includes a vet inspection, a two year health guarantee, shots, a microchip, AKC pedigree of the puppies ‘ parents, some puppy training (doggy door training) and a puppy survival kit. Seems like a great offer, and also like a nice breeder to consider if you are near Fort Collins in Colorado.

Bernedoodles in Colorado

Bernedoodles in Colorado

Bernedoodles in Colorado: Vandenbark Doodles

Vandenbark Doodles are located in Fleming, Colorado. This is a family kennel that’s more of a family, than a kennel. Their dogs live in the family and with the family, growing up literally in their living room, going for car rides and games of fetch. If you get a puppy from Vandenbark, you get a pup with their dew claws removed, micro-chipped, vet inspected, with all their shots and dewormed.

They do provide a 2 year health guarantee for genetic health issues. They also provide some cute puppy items as a puppy survival kit to you as a new owner. As for the puppies, they offer pups ranging 70-90 lb in size and low to non-shedding, as they state on their website. The puppies are laid-back, relaxed and well-socialized to the degree that they can be by 8-9 weeks of age.

Sillydogs Standard Poodles and Bernedoodles

Sillydogs Standard Poodles and Bernedoodles is a family kennel located in Western Colorado. They have been raising poodles since 2004, and Bernedoodles in 2016, when they got their first Bernese Mountain Dog. All their puppies are born in their home, and are raised “under foot”. Because they live with the family, they get fully socialized and potty trained by the time they are ready to move out to their new homes. By that time, they also get vaccinated and dewormed.

They invite people to come to their home and meet the puppies in person.  The puppies come AKC or CKC registered. All their puppies are tested for Degenerative Myelopathy, Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration, Von Willebrand Disease I and other conditions. You can check prices for their puppies and other details on their website.

Bernedoodles in Colorado: Colorado Family Doodles

Colorado Family Doodles is a breeder producing F1B Bernedoodles. F1B Bernedoodle is created by breeding a F1 Bernedoodle (Bernese Mountain Dog Poodle Mix) to a Poodle, which makes the puppies inherit more of their qualities from the poodle. This is used particularly to make the puppies more hypoallergenic, like Poodles. This small breeder has a very limited number of litters and puppies that they raise in their own home. Check them out on their website.

Timber Ridge Bernedoodles

Another Colorado Bernedoodle breeder is Timber Ridge Bernedoodles, located in Olathe, Colorado. This is a breeder inspected and certified by by the Department of Agriculture and the state of Colorado, which means their kennel complies with the standards of animal safety and well-being. They are also special in that their kennel is run by a professional Veterinary Technician. Their Bernese Mountain Dogs (the parents of their Bernedoodle pups) are gorgeous, as are their poodles. Just check out the pictures on their site. Timber Ridge Bernedoodles welcomes potential future owners to pick up their puppies at the kennel as well as ship them and even bring them via air travel to your home (accompanied by a kennel employee).





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