Mini Bernedoodle: a comprehensive guide to Miniature Bernedoodle

Mini Bernedoodle: a comprehensive guide to Miniature Bernedoodle

This post is a continuation of a more general article about Bernedoodles.  In this post, I wanted to focus on Mini Bernedoodles, which are a type of Bernedoodles. What are Mini Bernedoodles? What are the pros and cons of adopting a Mini Bernedoodle? How are they different from other Bernedoodles?

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Mini Bernedoodle Origins
Are Mini Bernedoodles Hypoallergenic?
Mini Bernedoodle Temperament
Is this a good dog for families with kids?
Mini Bernedoodle price
Grooming your Mini Bernedoodle

Mini Bernedoodle Origins


Mini Bernedoodle is a mixed breed that is created as a result of cross-breeding Bernese Mountain Dog with Miniature Poodle. This dog is a great option for someone wanting to adopt a Bernedoodle but intimidated by their size. A Standard Bernedoodle can grow up to 20-30 in height and weigh up to 80 lb. This is a large dog, almost as large as Bernese Mountain Dog itself.

Mini Bernedoodles combine the wonderful qualities of Berners and poodles. This includes the unique, quirky appearance of the dog, low shedding qualities of the coat (due to poodle genetics), and wonderful temperament. Because of these qualities, this mix is becoming more and more popular. However, not everyone is ready to adopt such a large dog, and not everyone has a living situation that would fully accommodate a large dog.

Mini Bernedoodles combine the wonderful qualities of Berners and poodles

This is where Mini Bernedoodles shine! A product of crossbreeding Bernese Mountain Dogs with Miniature Poodles, Mini Bernedoodles are perfectly-sized dog, growing up to be 18-20 in high and 25-50 lb in weight. This is a medium-sized dog that will do well in any living situation, including living in limited quarters such as an apartment. But, of course, this is not the only reason to adopt a Mini Bernedoodle. They are also gorgeous dogs with wonderful temperament and low shedding coat, happy, loyal and loving companions for any family.

Mini Bernedoodle appearance


Mini Bernedoodles are pretty unique among other breeds and even designer breeds. A combination of Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle genetics produce a beautiful medium-sized dog with thick, long coat with various degrees of curliness, depending on how much poodle genetics the dog inherited. Sometimes the coat is quite curly, sometimes it’s just long and shaggy, almost similar to a sheep coat. Regardless, the look of the dog is quite unique and adorable. The color is often inherited from the Bernese: Mini Bernedoodles often have a tri-colored coat with characteristic Bernese Mountain Dog markings.

Are they hypoallergenic?

A lot of mixed breeds today use Poodle as one of the parents due to the fact that Poodle coat is often considered hypoallergenic. Is this really true? Well, it depends. While poodle coat does seem to be better tolerated by a lot of people who are allergic to dog hair, not all allergic people are allergic to the hair. Very often, the sufferers are allergic to the dog saliva, dander or other particles, and it’s not really about the dog coat.

Mini Bernedoodles may be hypoallergenic for some allergy sufferers

Mini Bernedoodles may be hypoallergenic for some allergy sufferers

Mini Bernedoodles often inherit the soft and curly Poodle coat, which often makes them a good dog for allergy sufferers. However, if a person is allergic to dander or saliva, they will still be allergic to Mini Bernedoodle. If you are an allergy sufferer, you may find yourself tolerating Mini Bernedoodle just great. However, it’s not guaranteed.

A good way to see if you will have any allergy symptoms is to spend some time around adult Mini Bernedoodles.  A puppy may not yet produce enough allergens to trigger your immune system, so you won’t know if you are allergic or not if you are only exposed to puppies. If you go to see a Mini Bernedoodle breeder, ask to spend some time among adult dogs, perhaps even multiple dogs. That way you can really test and see if you how well you tolerate your future dog.

spend some time around adult Mini Bernedoodles


Mini Bernedoodles come in three different varieties in terms of coat quality. They can have wavy, curly or straight coats. The “curliness” of the coat depends on how much of Poodle genetics the Mini Bernedoodle has. The curliest Bernedoodles are considered to be the most valuable as usually they are the most hypoallergenic. A Bernedoodle with straight coat looks more like a Bernese Mountain Dog than other types of Bernedoodles. A wavy-coated Mini Bernedoodle is somewhere in between.

Mini Bernedoodles come in three different varieties in terms of coat quality

Mini Bernedoodles come in three different varieties in terms of coat quality

Unless you are allergic, the type of your Mini Bernedoodle Coat doesn’t matter all that much. It has no influence on your Mini Bernedoodle temperament, and, arguably, temperament is the most attractive aspect of Mini Bernedoodles.

Mini Bernedoodle Temperament

Mini Bernedoodles have a wonderful temperament. They inherit the heightened intelligence and curiosity of Poodle and are very trainable. This is a perfect dog if you or your kids are into dog training and teaching your dog tricks. Apart from tricks, Mini Bernedoodle is the kind of dog that will watch your every step until they learn everything about you. They are very perceptive.

Mini Bernedoodles have a wonderful temperament

They are also very loving and devoted to their family. A Mini Bernedoodle will want to be around their family all the time and don’t do well when left alone for long periods of time. No dog feels good about being left on their own alone, but Poodles and Poodle mixes in particular need the company of their loved ones.

From Bernese Mountain Dog, Mini Bernedoodles inherit their somewhat calm and docile nature. They tend to be a bit more calm than Poodles, and not as high energy. This is great for people that find Poodles a bit too high energy and high maintenance. Mini Bernedoodles are relaxed and easy-going compared to a poodle, thanks to their Bernese Mountain Dog genetics.

A Mini Bernedoodle will want to be around their family

Although they are calmer than Poodles, Mini Bernedoodles are still very active and playful. They are always up for a game of fetch or a run in the park, or pretty much anything you can come up with. As long as they aren’t too bored, they will also be happy to take a calm day at home.

Is this a good dog for families with kids?

Mini Bernedoodles rarely have prey drive. They are also very gentle , friendly and affectionate. This is why they are generally safe around small animals (and children/babies).  In fact, they can make for a great babysitter! You may even notice your Mini Bernedoodle  try to “herd” or circle in your little kids. This behavior is inherited from the herding past of the Bernese Mountain Dog, which has been used to herd and guard cattle for centuries.

Mini Bernedoodles don't tend to have separation anxiety too often

Mini Bernedoodles don’t tend to have separation anxiety too often

This is also why Bernese Mountain Dogs and, consequently, Mini Bernedoodles, tend to have low prey drive.  Because of their low prey drive, a well-behaved Mini Bernedoodle is a pleasure to take out on walks.  They won’t be constantly bolting away from you into the bushes to chase a squirrel or a rabbit. (Unless they are still a puppy, in which case all bets are off.)

One other good thing about Mini Bernedoodles is that they don’t tend to have separation anxiety too often. Separation anxiety is a dog’s inability to stay on their own for long (or sometimes any) periods of time. It’s common for puppies, but some breeds have persistent separation anxiety that doesn’t go away with age. It is particularly common for smaller breeds, and sometimes may be present in Poodle. It is less common in Mini Bernedoodle due to their Bernese Mountain Dog genetics.

Personality-wise, it’s hard to find a dog with a more rounded, balanced personality than a Mini Bernedoodle.

Mini Bernedoodle price. How much can a Mini Bernedoodle cost?

Short answer: Mini Bernedoodles can cost anywhere from $3000 to $5000 depending on various factors such as your geographic location, generation of the Bernedoodle, the quality of the dogs used to produce the puppy, color, etc. 

Mini Bernedoodles can cost

Designer dogs can be quite pricey, especially if it’s a newly developed mixed breed. With Bernedoodles, you can pretty much be sure that you’ll need to pay quite a bit, as it is becoming a very popular cross breed, and, truth be told, they are really worth the money (provided they are well bred and free of genetic issues).  So how much does a Bernedoodle cost? You can expect to pay anything in the range of $3000 to $5000. How much will you pay for your puppy?

Well, this depends on a few factors.

Mini Bernedoodle price: Quality of the breeder and breeding factor.

You should only get a puppy from a well-respected, reputable breeder. Only in this case you can expect a dog that’s free from genetic diseases and other issues that can affect the dog’s health and well-being, as well as your bank account.

A good breeder will approach breeding with utmost respect and care. They will test the parent dogs for any and all genetic issues and do their best to avoid producing puppies with health issues. Testing and using excellent dogs for breeding all costs money. These expenses will be reflected in the price of your pup. Make sure the breeder you work with is a good breeder. Do some research, pay attention to what they say on their website.

Ask for reviews and recommendations from the owners of their puppies. Visit their kennel and make sure it’s not a backyard breeding operation. As to show the parent dogs papers to see their lineage, and any health and genetic testing certificates that the breeder may have. If you choose a reputable breeder, a higher price for your puppy will likely mean you will get an excellent dog free of genetic conditions, who will live a long, healthy and happy life in your home.

Only get a Bernedoodle puppy from a well-respected, reputable breeder

Only get a Bernedoodle puppy from a well-respected, reputable breeder

Mini Bernedoodle price: Generation of the Bernedoodle factor

Generation of the Mini Bernedoodle puppy also affects the cost.  There are several “generation types” that you need to know about when you choose a Mini Bernedoodle.

F1 Mini Bernedoodle

F1 Mini Bernedoodle is a “first generation” Mini Bernedoodle which is the product of Bernese Mountain Dog female crossed with male Poodle. These dogs are considered to be the most valuable within the several Mini Bernedoodle types.  This type is exactly 50% Bernese Mountain Dog and 50% Mini Bernedoodle. This puppy may cost up to $5000.

F1B Mini Bernedoodle

This generation type is produced when an F1B Mini Bernedoodle is crossed to back to Poodle. This makes the resulting puppy have 3/4 Poodle genetics and only 1/4 Bernese Mountain Dog. Because of that, the pup will have more of a Poodle appearance, Poodle coat and may be more hypoallergenic. This puppy may cost slightly less than a F1 Mini Bernedoodle.

F2 Mini Bernedoodle

F2 Mini Bernedoodle is a pup that is produced by cross breeding 2 F1 Mini Bernedoodles to each other. Prices for F2 Mini Bernedoodle can vary, but on average they cost slightly less than F1 and F1B Mini Bernedoodles.

Mini Bernedoodle Price: color factor

The prices of Mini Bernedoodles also depend on their colors. Black and dark colored Mini Bernedoodles are generally a little les expensive and can cost around $1000-$2000.  Tri-colored Mini Bernedoodles tend to be the most expensive of all other colors. (Hint: If you don’t care as much what color of a pup you would like, you could save some money for treats and dog toys.)

Grooming your Mini Bernedoodle

Mini Bernedoodles have thick, and sometimes long coats. For someone who is looking into owning one it would probably be good to know how much time you will need to spend grooming your Mini Bernedoodle.

The truth is, you will need to spend some time. But probably not as much as you would think taking that even a Mini Bernedoodle is a dog of a fair size with lots of hair!

The amount of grooming your dog will need somewhat depends on the type of your Mini Bernedoodle. The F1 Bernedoodles have coats that are closest to poodle coats. They are very curly. Just like poodles, they need lots  of grooming to keep that curly coat from tangling and matting.

The F1B and F2 Mini Bernedoodles with straighter, smoother coat need less grooming.

On average, you will need to brush your pup thoroughly at least once or twice a week. Bathing is not necessary unless your dog gets visibly dirty. But you may want to regularly inspect your Mini Bernedoodle’s coat, especially after walks in the woods or tall grass. A dog with such rich coat can easily catch ticks or other parasites from the environment, and you don’t want those pesky little things to live in your pup’s coat.

Other grooming aspects you should pay attention to is keeping your pup’s ears and eyes clean. Teeth hygiene is also extremely important. Some owners clean their dogs’ teeth with specialized toothpaste and brush. Some simply give them special bones for teeth cleaning.

All in all, grooming your Bernedoodle shouldn’t be any harder than grooming any other dog.



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